There is so many people, who loves pasta and adore its creators, if you love this food too, and wanna see how it is made of, Papa's Pastaria perfectly fit with your interests. As always, Flipline Studio creators works hard and their developers are creating amazing family type games and you can enjoy their new-released game Papa's Pastaria. If you want to know how does a restaurant kitchen works and wanna work there yourself, you have a cool chance to do this with that game.

This game gives you awesome opportunity to learn to how to cook so many different pasta by yourself and which sauce is perfect for each one, also here you can get experience on working at a restaurant and also having your own business. This game has so many fans around the world and is the most selling app on its genre games. The reason of that is simply, here you can play with so realistic mode, which is hard and serious of course and meanwhile enjoy your playing and have fun.

The scenario of the Game

The storyline of this game is so funny and enjoyable. Your characters's friends edoardo and olga are getting married in the waterfront town of Portallini, home of Papa's Pastaria and you need to find a reservation to stay here, but every hotel is full and only Papa's Pastaria's place have one free room and for stay here, you are agreeing their terms and conditions without read. So, you have to be cook chef of Papa's pasteria, which is a new restaurant in the city and your job is to make pastas and get a new clients.

You start with a training, where you can learn how to cook a bread and which sauce is good for pasta, then your job requires from you to get orders from your clients and serve them what they wish for dinner. The main idea for this game, is to upgrade your place on modern standards and make it bigger, also earn a cash to buy a new things for your restaurant and clothes for you, then you have to make clients happy, with fast serving and plate design, so you can get tips from them and that means more money. Also, if you play hard, you get a chance to play a baseball and win more money or decorations for your restaurant.

The controls - When you want to chose different room to go in, you have to just click its names with the mouse. Also, for cooking bread, you have to push it with also mouse.

Gameplay Of Pastaria

In this game, you have so many opportunities to play as you with and do what you want. there you can just sit there and watch parade, or go with your earned cash and play so many mini games in the inside of this game, like when you get gold points, you can play baseball and etc. Main mission is to serve pasta, so you have to make a different types of them in the cooking place and then decorate your plates with clients orders, also you have a different type of sauces too and it's important to use them carefully and add on plate a right one. Also you have shop to buy a decorations for your waiting room and every new decoration, gives you extra cooking time

Graphics in Papa's Pasteria is extremely impressive and gives you so many pleasures. There are whole new designs of clothes and every motion is cool. Also, creators add an advanced voices and musics, which give you a playing time with fun and marvelous feelings, so enjoy.